Friday, November 10, 2017

🍁 Sweets Memories 🍁

Scandalize. Stacy. JUMPSUIT - Sad November Ty ♥
Scandalize. Stacy. TOP - Sad November Ty ♥
SHOES: Essenz - Bulgaria (Maitreya) -  Sad November  Ty ♥
HAIR: SINTIKLIA Hair Jocelyn Bento and base Bangs 2
POSE: Imitation - AUTUMN POSE PACK - Sad November Ty ♥
[ isuka ] beautiful memories backdrop - Sad November Ty ♥

[Merak] Jam Season  - Crate with Cloth - Shiny Shabby Ty ♥
[Merak] Jam Season - Autumn Flower Bucket - Shiny Shabby Ty ♥
(The set Jam Season [Merak] includes:-Empty Crate- 2LI-Jam Crate- 3LI-Crate with Cloth- 2LI-Bucket of Autumn Flowers- 2LI)
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Standing Sable  6°Republic  Ty ♥
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Sable  6°Republic  Ty ♥
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Naughty RARE  6°Republic  Ty ♥
This post is dedicated to my spasores, but I listed the items used in the scene, any doubts feel free to contact me! xoxo 😻
*LODE* Decor - Autumn Vibes Can [blueberries]
+Half-Deer+ Nightglow Bird - Goldfinch - Stringlights (up)
+Half-Deer+ Nightglow Bird - Goldfinch - Lantern (up)
+Half-Deer+ Metal Leaf Vines - Gold 
Ariskea[Mellow ] Autumn Poppy Flower [Orange]
SAYO - Seance Candle - Divinity/Fortune Trio
[Con.] The Nest - String Lights
Ty ♥

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